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Hi Lonnie,

You're just fishing for compliments! What negative could anyone possibly say? The place is beautiful, the staff terrific, the cleaning wonderful.....We especially enjoyed the dinners Lynn made for us. My youngest doesn't like spicy food and was worried about what he would eat but Lynn made us three dinners which were just as good (or better) as anything we ate out. We also enjoyed the falls trip with Leon who is also a doll. We loved the beach and the entire area around the cottage. I can't find anything negative to say. The security guard (I'm sorry I can't remember his name) kept the pests away. It was all great. We had the time to spend together as I had hoped and really enjoyed it. You can be sure I gladly will send you customers!

Alison Rubin


Our group of 7 sometimes 9 has been staying at Nirvana every other year, this year (November 20 - December1st) will be our 4th time. The place and the people are great! You are in the center of the 7 mile beach. Next door is the White Sands and they have a great bar and bar tender (Dennis), great dirty bananas. The Taxi driver (Breezy) is very good and trust worthy, he will also get you a good rate on $ exchange. I hope you have a great time, (I'm sure you will).


I've stayed there twice. It's wonderful, you will love it. The Gottliebs are very gracious hosts and they don't lie when they tell you to "just ask". We stayed in the three bedroom cottage close to Manley Blvd. We had the ladies come in and cook Jamaican breakfast for us one morning and it was wonderful, they came in while we were still sleeping and we woke up to the soft voices of the women talking about their men :) and the wonderful smells of coffee and breakfast being made. You can't beat it. We came out into the dining area and were greeted with "Good Morning" and hot Blue Mountain coffee followed by Ackee and Saltfish along with fresh fruit and juice. The gardens are especially wonderful and you could spend hours just wandering around the property taking pictures. They have a full staff there that is just waiting for you to ask for something, they will take you into town, go shopping for you and if you call ahead, you can have your refrigerator stocked with Red Stripe so they are cold when you arrive.Our second stay we were in the two bedroom cottage a little closer to the beach. We plan to stay there again someday, but we're not done exploring Negril yet.

When you get there, tell Stan and Lonnie that Dick and Estelle say Hi!

Lonnie and Stanley,

I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to say good bye in person and thank for you providing an environment where Susan and I could have such an amazing time. We are still in serious denial about being home and are wondering why we ever decided to leave Negril. I'm already thinking about when I can return... you will be one of the first to know when it happens! You have an awesome spot of the world right there. I feel incredibly lucky to have discovered it. Enjoy the rest of your time in Jamaica and watch a sunset or two for me. Please say hi to everyone there, especially Michael.

See you ASAP

You have a good thing going there. Do you sell time share or stock? It really is the best. We did a lot of looking while we were at Xtabi. Not anything close.The staff is what made our stay. We didn't talk to any of the guests. Lynn, Sophia and Juliet were always busy and liked the little things daily thatwe left for them. I have never seen a place so clean. I used to clean housesand I know that I'm a picky person, and this was cleaner then my own house.They were always busy and singing while they clean. Michael was very professional and nice too.

The night security guy (sorry, I forgot his name) helped my husband open a coconut and drink the water from it. Just because of that, and the fact that no one asked us for any money for anything there, is why he said we will only stay there!

Who did the oil paintings in the honeymoon suite? The painting on the left of the bed was my all time favorite! Worth every penny and we wish we had been there the whole time. The cliff scene was not for us at all. I thought I would miss not having a pool there, but I never even thought of it until we left.

If you have anyone who might want to ask someone who has stayed there about Nirvana, you can send them my e-mail address and I would be more then happy to inform them of what a pleasent stay we had. There was even another Lynn Barrett! We had friends staying at Native Son Villa and we met Angie who used to work for you. She had only good things to say about you and Nirvana.

Thanks again!
Lynn and Bob

Lonnie, Hello!

I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know what a wonderful time we had at Nirvana! We are hooked! This being our second time to Negril we had a chance to really enjoy everything negril has to offer, and at the same time had the most peaceful ,worry free vacation ever!! I can't say enough good things about your staff, Michael was so helpful , he took care of our every need, and also grilled us some fabulous Snapper for our last nights meal. The best ever!! It definitely was a good feeling to have Bonnie and Burton keeping an eye on things, and the maids were all so very polite also! What a great bunch of people you have employed!! We are definitely recommending you to our friends up here in WI!

We loved what you have done with your grounds!! Who could ask for more beautiful surroundings to enjoy Negril! After our first trip we weren't sure if we wanted to bring our daughter down with us but after staying with you we will be bringing her down with us for sure next time!! We spoke with another couple from Canada that used the sitting services at night and they said it was great!!

Last but not least the cottage we had was great! Michael also gave us a tour of the veranda suites which are also fantastic!! Sorry I am rambling on here. I think you get the idea we had a GREAT TIME!!!

Again thanks for providing such a wonderful setting for our vacation and we will be back down next year!!

Jason and Mitzi Herbold

PS- tell Michael we say hello and thank him again for us, and look for my trip report on the Negriltoday board! I always read your postings!! Take care!!

Hello Lonnie and Stanley:

I want to thank you for having such a lovely place. It is, as the young people say, "Da Bomb". I, Cassye ("Stephanie") and my cousin loved it tremendously. I have stayed at several places but Nirvana is definitely the all time spot. Your staff makes the word "hospitality" look very weak in the dictionary. They truly went out of their way to make our stay very comfortable and enjoyable. You should be so proud of them for their hard work to continue to make your place the tops, especially when you are not there they continue the professionalism and courtesy that you require of them.

Lonnie, you could not have chosen a more attention to detail property manager as you have with Michael. He and his son were so.......words just can't describe how he treats all of his guests. I have seen him from near and far interacting with the guests and because of his great personality and character it allows the guest to feel comfortable and secure that we are in great hands. Bunny and Burton were outstanding also, they made you feel as though you were in your own yard at home and that there was nothing to worry about as long as they were around. I could go on and on but there is just so much to say to describe my stay. Your gardens are outstanding. Please tell all of them hello from us and we hope to return in September.

One Love and Much Respect - Sheena

It was SO wonderful! We've been meaning to write and tell you how happy we were with our room and how beautiful Nirvana was. It was just perfect! We're already talking about coming back. Thank you so much for all your help, and for creating such an ideal environment for your guests.


Just a quick note to say Thank You for the most wonderful experience of our lives! I hope that you will share this with everyone. Our stay at Nirvana couldn't have been better. The staff was absolutely wonderful and made us all feel like Kings and Queens. Everyone is already talking about an anniversary reunion Next Year!

The atmosphere provided was truly Paradise, but unparalleled to the spirit,charm and hospitality of everyone at Nirvana.

Thank you all for the time of our life!!!

Irie Mon!,
The Wedding Party


Let me first apologize for not writing sooner. It was very very difficult to come back to the "real world" after our stay at Nirvana. I just threw myself back into things so, I didn't have to think about what we left.

Nirvana was everything we could have hoped for and more. The moment we walked down the path to our cottage we just knew we had picked the right place. It is soooooooo beautiful there. The gardens, the cottage, the beach and the staff.

When people asked what we did on our trip there wasn't much for me to say. We spent many a days in the cottage or in the chairs in the garden relaxing, reading, etc... I can't remember the last time I listened to the rain fall. Spectacular!!

The staff is probably what we remember most. Michael is the best. We never wanted for anything!!! His son was a delight. We enjoyed his company alot. Jeff would play frisbee again with him any day. The ladies were wonderful.

Breezy was great as well. He picked us up and gave us our first piece of Jamaican hospitality. You have got something spectacular down there. Don't ever change it!!! We knew from the 1st day that we would never stay anywhere other then Nirvana.

We didn't even look at anything else. No need to mess with perfection. Thank you for sharing your piece of paradise with us!!!

Christina Ortega

Hi there Lonnie,

I had the most wonderful sensuous vacation of my life.We loved Nirvana, the grounds the beachfront and our cottage, it was clean and very pretty with the wood and tasteful decorations.

The ceiling fans are terrific and we did not need air conditioning even though it was July.

We took your advice & went to Mayfield falls and it was spectacular....thanks for all the great tips.

Spent some time on Henry's boat snorkeling and picnicking. We really liked the food and the night life in Negril.

I want to come back next July when the beaches are empty like they were and when your rates are so low. Would you ever consider doing a lay away plan for customers who want to come for the same week next year?

Thanks for having such a nice resort and such a nice staff. I felt safe with Burton and Bonnie always watching and running off her do wells.

We will be back again and so will several other friends of ours who heard us bragging about our trip.

Best regards,
Craig and Donna Minkley

Well I am at work now back in the real world. I can't believe it. We had a wonderful time in Negril. You have a little piece of paradise in Nirvana, we absolutely loved it. The place is beautiful and your staff is wonderful. Leon greeted us at the airport with a huge smile that made us feel welcome. On the ride to Nirvana we became very fond of Leon and planned to make some trips with him and told him that he would be our man for transportation while in Negril. He was great. One morning we awoke to find some fresh fish in the freezer that Leon had picked up for us, it was the extra lengths that everyone took for us that really made us feel special. He was very patient with us as we were always running late and had lots of things to do. The on grounds staff was wonderful. Michael greeted us when we arrived and told us anything that we needed just come to him, we did and he held up to his word. He was great, he definitely showed us just how true your motto is, "Just ask". He also cooked a couple of wonderful dinners for us. Lynn was also sooo good to us. She did such a wonderful job of cleaning the cottage in the mornings, and a few times we had her cook breakfast for us. She sneaked in so quietly we never knew she was there until the smell of the wonderful food awoke us. She was always so happy and always laughing, she was a fun person to talk to, we really enjoyed having her around. Bonnie, as everyone else at Nirvana was wonderful too. As Michael he told us if we needed anything to just come to him or Michael. We set up our snorkeling trip with Bonnie. We felt very safe with him around, there were hustlers all up and down the beach but with Bonnie watching over us nobody even attempted to bother us when he was around. He kept a very watchful eye over us and our belongings and like Lynn and Michael was always happy and enjoyable toconversate with. I only regret that Bonnie was not around when we left to bid farewell. I never met the night watchman but Ian did and he said he was as nice and helpful as everyone else at Nirvana. Well I could just keep going and going, I have never been treated so well when vacationing in my life. I will definitely come back. I will always refer you with the highest regards, my parents are already considering planning a trip. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING! I don't think I can ever say that enough.

Jason Morgan

Hi Lonnie,

I don't even know where to begin...Dave and I have returned to Montreal totally new relaxed people! You have a paradise that words can't even begin to describe and we had the best vacation of our lives at Nirvana! We have traveled to many different Caribbean and European destinations and we can honestly say that we experienced the time of our lives this past week in Negril. We have been to Negril several times before and plan on returning again and again and the only place we will stay will be Nirvana. Heaven on earth! It started with that beautiful smile on Leon's face at the airport to the greeting from Junior at Nirvana who took care of us from head to toe all week!We felt so safe and secure day and night with Bonnie and Brian-What wonderful people-I told Bonnie that I want to see his eyes next year!The honeymoon suite was perfect for us-We felt like one of the amazing little birds on your property which we watched day after day! The ground keeper Moses does his work to perfection, combing each and every grain of sand on the property.Miss Lynn took such great care of us that I wanted to bring her home with me! What a sweet lady! To sum things up, we would have loved to meet you. Our experience at Nirvana will be cherished day after day until, G-d willing, we will see all of our friends back next year at Nirvana...Your staff will be missed and so will Nirvana! Thanks so much for the memories...

Be well and enjoy the rest of your summer!

With Best Regards, Lisa & David Yadgard


We stayed a Nirvana for 2 weeks last month. Here is the low down on the place while it is fresh in my mind. The entire property is top-notch, clean and impeccably well kept. For an non-resort, beach cottage sort of feeling, this is the place to stay while still getting pampered a bit.


Nirvana is known for their beautiful gardens. We were not disappointed. I checked out quite a few properties on the beach and did not see gardens that looked like Nirvana's. Moses, the full time gardener, spends each day raking the entire lot from back to front. Never a leaf on the ground by the time he finishes. It is a true paradise there. What I really enjoyed was that the entire grounds were made of white sand....easy on tender feet. There were days that I didn't ever put on my shoes. I loved the thatched gazebo in the centre of the gardens. Often Clive, the night security would bring out his TV to the gazebo and show us movies. The gazebo also comes with swinging sky chairs and benches...a great conversation area. We also loved the hammocks and large wooden sculptures throughout the garden.

The entire property is fenced in...great for children and very private. We spent many happy hours hiding and seeking amongst the garden greenery. The beach front is pretty with lots of palm trees for shade. Bonnie, our day security, made sure all the lounge chairs were out first thing in the morning for us.


The cottages are set quite far back on the property so if you want quiet from the hustle and bustle of the beach and night concerts, it is a lovely retreat. Every cottage is slightly different. All the cottages face into the gardens except for the honeymoon suites which face the beach.

We stayed in #3, a two bedroom cottage with an indoor bathroom, full kitchen,and large livingroom, dining room. No telephone, no tv. The cottage is spacious and airy. Every room has a big fan in it too keep the rooms cool. We were never, ever hot.

The entire cottage is tightly screened in so we almost never saw a bug inside. I think they also debug before you arrive.

The children had twin beds in their room and we really appreciated the king-sized bed in our room. Each bedroom has its own lock box for valuables. Both bedrooms are quite roomy with shelves and closets for clothing. Loads of room for the children to play inside without getting in our way.

The front room is completely screened in. All the livingroom furniture is made of wicker and plastic...real beach-style furniture so we were never worried about "putting our feet up".

A place with a kitchen is a must for us. We ate breakfast and most lunches at "home". The kitchen has a full fridge, gas stove and is fully stocked with plates, pots and pans. We had to buy liquid soap, dish rags and that sort of thing.

The bathroom was modern and roomy in our cottage with a large white-tiled shower. We always had plenty of hot water. We particulary liked having double sinks so that several family members could be in there at one time. Lots of counter space and shelves for my "bottles and jars"...very important!


I loved the full kitchen. It is quite an advantage not to be at the mercy of restaurants and food vendors for every meal. That gave us more relaxed,lazy time to ourselves in the middle of the day and first thing in the morning.

In addition, cook service for one meal a day is included in the price of the room if you buy your own groceries. We had the ladies cook for us twice but they cooked so much that we had enough for several more days each time. Bonus! We had them cook traditional rice and peas, callaloo, chicken stew and pumpkin soup.

We shopped at Hi-Lo for alot of things but almost everyday, orange and fruit/vegetable vendors would deliver right to our door if we wanted. Very convenient and then we didn't have to lug heavy things from the market.

The ladies not only cleaned our rooms every day, and changed the towels daily but also squeezed fresh orange juice daily from our huge orange sack. We really enjoyed getting pampered with our juice every morning.

A pile of sand toys and blow up inner tubes, rafts and styrofoam noodles are available to Nirvana guests. Also, Nirvana supplies 2 kayaks with paddles & life vests. We paddled around happily for hours with all our "floaty" toys. We were really glad that we brought our own life vests for the kids. We used these when ever the kids were using the kayaks. There are also 2 swings for the kids although they didn't use them much...they much prefered swinging at the Boat Bar just down the beach.

Breezy and Leon, resident taxi drivers, were always available with comfy vans for our a cost of course but at a very competative rate.

Ourside every cottage were wooden drying racks for towels as well as an indoor clothesline inside our cottage. An outdoor tap outside of each cottage was perfect for sandy feet. Also there is a full outdoor shower down at the beach.

Phones are available 24 hours in the office for guest use. I used a World Talk calling card to phone local long distance. It cost me $300J and I hardly used any of card goes far. While they do allow guests on the property, no one enters without being scrutinzed by security.


We loved the staff. As soon as we arrived,the manager met us at the gates, and oriented us right away. There is a staff of about nine including wonderful Miss Lynn, the head housekeeper, our maids Joyce and Leonie,Young Moses and Old Moses the gardeners, Bonnie the day security and Clive the night security. Oh and Miss Tiny the laundress. We got to know everyone quite well.

A 10% tip for staff and 6.25% tax are added to the price but we managed to haggle a little with the rental. It is considered in the moderate price range I guess, but after searching on the net, I found that for what Nirvana offers, it is comparable and often cheaper than many other similar places.

It is also nicer and roomier by far than many other places that I managed to sneak a peek at.

If you are looking for a noisy, raucous party place, Nirvana is not for you. I loved the peace and quiet. It was a wonderful haven to come home to and the staff really made it feel just like home.

We will be happy to supply you with other detailed references of our many satisfied customers upon your request.

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